Monday, January 26, 2009

D&G surprise..

On rare occasions, a label's diffusion line is better than the main line. This has happened with Dolce & Gabbana's D&G collection for Fall 09. It is so far superior to it's parent,  such amazing jackets.

D&G Fall 09


  1. did u see that article about armani accusing d&g about ripping off his designs?

  2. hahaha, i read the response from them...

    The D&G boys, are unimpressed with the accusation and have been quick to insist they're no plagiarists - indeed, that they couldn't have copied from Armani's collection, because they didn't look at it.

    "We surely have plenty to learn, but certainly not from him," they said in a statement released yesterday. "The Armani style was never a source of inspiration for us and it is years since we have bothered to watch his collections."

    A spokesperson for Armani, however, has confirmed that the designer does not plan to pursue the matter and that his remarks were merely "a casual observation", according to The First Post.


    ps, i really like your band, first heard of you all from perez and i was intrigued and been following ever since. i remember you guys did a show out here in LA at the knitting factory a little while ago and i was bummed that i missed it.