Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring 2010 Couture: Givenchy

Ricardo does it again.
He's long mastered his ready to wear shows, and his couture work continues to grow beautifully.

Spring 2010 Couture: Chanel

Oh my. Oh my.
What can I say.
Chanel, pastel, crystal, silver?
Too amazing for words. I was seriously freaking out whilst looking at this collection. Too beautiful.

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Spring 2010 Couture: Christian Dior

Ahh, that time of year again. The best time. The time for Couture.

John Galliano, on a recent trip to the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum to see the gowns of Charles James, was struck by and image of James doing a fitting—and on the wall behind him was a picture of women riding sidesaddle.
And that was it, Galliano took Dior to the equestrian field for Spring couture.

Riding crops, riding boot inspired heels, hats, veils and perfectly porcelain makeup, collided together into an exquisite sensory overload of couture excellence.

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