Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chanel Homme?

Menswear in the Chanel Fall 09 show?
Here's hoping this is a sign of some truth to the rumors of Hedi Slimane doing a Chanel Homme line.
It could be Karl just being Karl though.


  1. there were a few chanel homme number in i think fall 2007.
    there's a thread on TFS about it, complete with loads of pics.

  2. He does mens pieces quite often. They are a strange aesthetic, i am not sure i enjoy the mix of such slick modern tailoring with victorian ruffles. I think Gabrielle would turn in her grave. But that is just me.

  3. i dont know if im ready for baggy suit pants yet??
    They just remind me of my fug work pants I have to wear everyday haha..
    But that said Dior Homme was a massive driving force behind the skinnies so who knows??
    They could be on to something..
    Iv just started a fashion blog for guys

  4. Homme? Or Homo?
    Aids face, you take it up the ass right?
    I assume that's the reason for your Aids Face.
    Poor, short, little Ashley McConnell.
    The little Midget who thinks he could actually be a model!
    You need to be over 5 feet tall dont you know that?
    The things we've heard about you at castings are hysterical !

    Have you thought of "Pumpkin Patch" Or the "OshKosh B'Gosh " kids collection?