Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spring 2010 RTW: Viktor & Rolf

I've loved V&R for so long now that I can't even remember when it started. For example, going to their exhibition at the Barbican Gallery was one of the best moments of my life. Oh and for another example, I pretty much drown myself in Antidote.
So you can guess how excited I get about their shows every season.

And my oh my, did this one live up to my expectations.
As we all groan about credit crunches and the like, the ever thoughtful V&R boys had this to say, "With the credit crunch and everybody cutting back, we decided to cut tulle ball gowns."

And that they did, and to spectacular effect. Especially so at the moment you see Anja Rubic in a gown with the mid section blown out so it looked as if the bottom of the dress was floating on air.

Wearable? Probably not, maybe only Tilda Swinton of Bjork would wear it, but as a friend said, "Hell, I'd design a line solely based on the fact that only Tilda and Bjork would wear it." I couldn't agree more.
Add to this the luminous Róisín Murphy, heavily pregnant, in a giant puffball of a dress, performing her new song "Demon Lover" on a platform?

Things simply could not get more amazing.

This is definitely one show to watch in motion. Not only do the clothes look beautiful, but Róisín just makes everything just that much more amazing.

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  1. Hello,
    I absolutely adore Viktor & Rolf 2010 Spring collection... it seriously took my breath away when i first saw it!

    Thanks by the way for specifying the artist and the song that was playing, it added so much to the show, and i have been looking around for it for some time now :)

    Thanks again for this post, hope to see more V&R posts! :)