Friday, June 24, 2011

Men's Spring/Summer 2012: Mugler

So, maybe an unpopular opinion, but I'm not the biggest fan of Formichtti's Mugler. I like the womenswear a bit more though. I am however, a fan of Formichetti's other work.
But I digress, the reason I post this collection is not so much for the runway looks (some good ones I've posted below, others were diabolical..), but for the amazing campaign video.

Starring one of my new favourites and Matthieu Charneau, this video is a damn hot romp with Fellini and ancient Greek/Roman tones. This video posted is the uncensored version. Not that it's very nsfw, well in my eyes, considering it originally debuted on xtube, it could have been way raunchier.
Still, an amazing vide, very well shot, that I think is far better than the collection it accompanies.
But hey, if you wanted an objective view, you wouldn't visit me right?

Also, here's the link for the xtube video, incase that one gets removed..

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